What Is FreshPak?

Weekly, To Your Door...

We select produce from farmers and wholesalers we’ve had relationships with over decades. 

Every week, a new selection of fresh fruit and veg will be jam-packed into a big ‘Pak’, which will be dropped to your door, for free, forever.

From $39 a week, we guarantee fresh produce that’s been taste tested, and sourced locally - stay tuned as we add more and more local products to our weekly drop!

Join Our Mission...

Join us as we work towards spreading awareness in schools to show the next generation the broad possibilities in the horticulture industry.

FreshPak will organise partnerships with local farms and government organisations. This will open up pathways to careers all over Australia.

In addition, we'll be partnering with nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers to help promote a healthy lifestyle - along with your diet.

Follow our socials to track our progress! We're excited to see an amazing future in an industry we've been a part of forever.