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The Fresh-Pak

The Fresh-Pak

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FreshPak makes it Simple.

This is our most popular pack. A mix of both fruit and vegetables, chosen by popular demand and for the essentials. Choose between Veg, Fruit, or Mixed! Our packs change weekly, and you have the option to subscribe. Get your orders in by Sunday 6pm to secure next week's drop!

March 28th - 29th WEEK'S BOX

Couples: Rockmelon, Red Grapes, Avocado, Bananas, Pink Lady Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Broccoli, Twin Cos Lettuce Pack, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Potatoes, Brown Onions, Red Onions, Continental Cucumber.

Family:  Rockmelon, Red Grapes, Extra Avocado, Extra Bananas, Extra Pink Lady Apples, Extra Granny Smith Apples, Extra Broccoli, Twin Cos Lettuce Pack, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Extra Potatoes, Extra Brown Onions, Extra Red Onions, Extra Continental Cucumber.

 Our packs change weekly as the seasons and availability come! Sign up to our mail list or follow our socials to find out the next week's offering before everyone else!

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